7 Tips on Feeding Your Horse

Whether you are a seasoned horse owner or you are a beginner just jumping into the world of horses, it seems that there are always questions around how to feed your four-legged friend. Below you will find seven tips that might help shed some light on some of the common questions that horse owners typically have.

1. Always provide unlimited amounts of clean, fresh water

This may seem obvious, but it can be difficult for some horse owners. Some of the things I like to consider when choosing how to water my horses, I have to consider each horse individually. Some horses are picky drinkers and don’t drink as much on their own. I don’t like to have those kinds of horses on sprinklers because I don’t see how much they drink during the day. A horse that I know drinks very well is okay on an automatic waterer because I am not worried about how much he/she drinks.


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