What Horse Blinders Are Used For: Everything You Need to Know

Any horse or riding enthusiast will be quick to tell you how much equipment a horse needs. From saddles to bridles, supplements to feed, horses are an investment! One of the least popular items a horse may require are horse blinders.

What are the blinders for on horseback? Generally used in horse racing or for work horses, horse blinders reduce the horse’s field of vision. This allows the horse to concentrate on the track in front or to pull a car or wagon without easily frightening. In some cases, blinkers are used to help horses stay calm in stressful or overwhelming situations.

So, does every horse benefit from blinders? What type of horse blinders are best for your horse? Are there alternatives to the use of horse blinders? In this post we will discuss everything you need to know about horse blinders, allowing you to make the decision that is best for your horse.


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