Understanding and Writing Horses: Training and Instinct

If you are doing research on “hipp ormation”, much of what will come up will have to do with overcoming the horse’s natural instincts. There is also a little about dominating it, and being the dominant member of the herd. But is this really what works, or what really happens in the mind of this extraterrestrial species?

Anthropology, which of course is the study of human cultures, has undergone some upheaval in recent years, as a small group of anthropologists and social psychologists have questioned the whole basis of modern anthropological study, namely, that culture considered the norm and used as the basis for the majority of studies can in fact be an aberrant extreme. This is controversial to say the least, but it opens up a whole new world of understanding for the horse trainer or writer. Not only does it suggest that we should examine our hypotheses early and often and with great care, but it also asks us to keep an open mind about how the “utr” acts and thinks.


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