Why Does My Dressage Horse Crunch the Bit?

Sean Cunningham offers tips on how to stop dressage horses from biting the bullet.

When horses are really through, they are focused on the work they are asked to do and should not be chomping the bit.

Question: I’m new to dressage and I’m working on the idea of connecting with my horse. It’s coming along quite well, but at some point in our rides, she’s going to pull the bit in her back teeth and crunch on it. She’s done it with every bit she’s ever had: She’s now in a bit of a loose ring with a lot of tongue relief that suits her properly. I tried to lower the bit, raise it, squeeze the bit, raise the basement, lower it. It leaves marks in the bit, but not the sharp edges or gouges. My other mare does that too. How can I stop her from biting him? Name chosen on request


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