Horses and Photosensitivity or Sunburn

Despite all our efforts to “slip, slap and slop”, most of us still manage to get an occasional sunburn. The summer sun can be strong, and even your horse is susceptible to sunburn. It is not uncommon to see horses with pink noses, peeling throughout the summer months. Sunburn on a horse’s back can mean you will have to wait to ride until the burn heals. You don’t want to put a saddle on a painful burn.

More often than not, horses like grey or pintos with white or pink noses will become sunburned. The skin will become more pink or red and the skin will blister and peel, just like yours does when you get a burn. Horses that are thin coated or have pink skin may become sunburned along their back. Horses can also get sunburns along the protruding areas of the face, ear tips, and white areas on the legs just like our noses, ear shoulders and collar bones get burned.


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