10 Dogs Breeds That Get Along With Cats

June 25, 2020 admin 0

A majority of people will tell you they are either a dog or a cat person, while others couldn’t think of living without both. If the latter describes you, you’ll find that some dogs tend to look at the little creatures in the family as something to take care of. Read More

Himalayan Cats Breeds Profile

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Himalayan cats, otherwise known as “Himmies,” are a hybrid breed of Persian and Siamese cats. The result is a beautiful feline with a long, silky, Persian-like and Siamese coat-like pointed coloration and bright blue eyes. Medium to large in size, the stocky, thick-bodied Himalayan cat has a broad, deep chest, Read More

Horses and Photosensitivity or Sunburn

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Despite all our efforts to “slip, slap and slop”, most of us still manage to get an occasional sunburn. The summer sun can be strong, and even your horse is susceptible to sunburn. It is not uncommon to see horses with pink noses, peeling throughout the summer months. Sunburn on Read More

How To Find The Best Breed Of Dog For You?

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Bringing a dog home is a big deal. Not only is it a major time commitment (many dogs live at least 10 years), but a financial commitment as well. Making this big decision can be scary, especially if you’ve never owned a dog. You may be asking yourself, “Which breed Read More

Why Do Cat Chase Lasers?

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All cat parents are familiar with the eternal struggle between the cat and the laser pointer. For something so small and unscented, that little red sure spot can keep cats busy, despite (or perhaps because of) the fact that they can never really catch it. Interestingly though, there is some Read More

What Happens to Racehorses After Retirement?

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Horse racing in the United States is a nearly $4 billion industry. But horses can’t run all their lives; instead, they retire at some point and can go into different activities, such as a second career in another athletic field like show jumping or as a pleasure horse. The question Read More

Your Dog Big First-Year Milestones and Beyond

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There are few things more exciting as a dog parent than that first year with your puppy, when everything is new and your puppy is learning more and more and learning at an almost unstoppable pace. From the day you bring your puppy home to the day he officially crosses Read More

Is Your Cat Sad? Signs And Causes Of An Unhappy Cat

June 22, 2020 admin 0

Every cat has its own personality, some being more outgoing than others, but when a typical social cat is suddenly calm and reserved, it can be worrying. In most cases, cat owners have no idea why their cat is sad or depressed. But, by looking outside for a few signs, Read More

Which Mammals Lay Eggs?

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In nature, there is a wide variety of animals and species with unique behaviors and qualities! When establishing a classification, it is possible to divide the species according to its characteristics, whether they are reptiles, birds, fish or amphibians. Nevertheless, as incredible as it may seem, there are species that Read More

10 Bad Reasons Not To Wear A Helmet On Horse Back

June 16, 2020 admin 0

There are many excuses for not wearing a helmet when you ride, but there is no good reason. The quietest and most well-train hied horse can cause injury if he is startled or injured. Ask anyone who has accidentally run over a wasp’s nest on the ground, or has been Read More